Working Together For District 1


  My name is George Hindman and I'm committed to helping build a better Austin for today and tomorrow.  I am a professional engineer, small business owner and have lived almost my entire adult life in Austin.  As Austin's population continues to increase, we face a number of important issues.  Keeping Austin affordable, dealing with transportation and infrastructure concerns, jobs, economic growth and preserving freedom of speech are essential to keep Austin unique.


    Our new city council structure will require members who can build consensus, be effective problem solvers and achieve common sense solutions to our pressing needs.  As an inventor and engineer, I believe that my experience allows for practical decision-making that balances the ability of government to operate efficiently with the need to spend tax dollars wisely. 


   I respectfully ask for your vote to represent District 1, so that we can work together for a better Austin.




Candidate Vince Smith

Election Day  11/4

George Hindman

for Austin City Council District 1

Early Voting  10/20


Building a better Austin for today and tomorrow ...

Political ad paid for by George Hindman Campaign, Delia Brownson, Treasurer. This campaign has not agreed to comply with the contribution and expenditure limits of the Austin Fair Campaign Chapter.